For connected wellbeing leaders, innovators, and champions – Free monthly workshops led by experts on effective practices, growth, and validation strategies.

June 2023

Workshop: Growing Partnerships and Reach in the Connected Wellbeing Ecosystem

Connected wellbeing approaches are situated in a complex ecosystem that includes tech platforms, educational, health, and ...

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July 2023

Community+Coffee: Spotlight on Youth Leadership and Voice in the Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio

A vital part of Connected Wellbeing are solutions designed, led, and implemented by youth. Join us ...

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August 2023

Community+Coffee: Spotlight on Identity-Affirming Youth Spaces in the Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio

Equity-oriented and asset-based approaches are central to connected wellbeing. Join us for a roundtable discussion with ...

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September 2023

Workshop: Supporting Wellbeing and Healthy Technology Engagement for Vulnerable Communities

Hear from a panel of health, technology, and wellbeing experts on essential considerations and best practices ...

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October 2023

Workshop: Sustainability and Growth Strategies

What fundraising and revenue strategies can sustain and grow the impact of connected wellbeing innovations? Hear ...

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October 2023

Roundtable discussion at CLS

Join us at the Connected Learning Summit 2023 for a roundtable discussion featuring the teams selected ...

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November 2023

Workshop: Evaluation and Validation – Finding Research Metrics and Partners

Measuring and validating youth outcomes is essential to the success of connected wellbeing programs and interventions. ...

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December 2023

Workshop: Telling Your Story and Communicating Your Impact

Communicating impact and value add Marketing, pitching, media relations December 2023 ...

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