Roundtable discussion at CLS

October 28, 2023
9am – 10am Pacific Time

Join us at the Connected Learning Summit 2023 for a roundtable discussion featuring the teams selected for the inaugural Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio. Learn about the valuable work they are doing and how you can help them!

What does it look like to support the wellbeing of young people in connected learning spaces? Join this roundtable discussion to learn about ways that innovators in the Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio are supporting youth-powered approaches to community, connection, and wellbeing. Launched in May 2023, the Connected Wellbeing Initiative of the Connected Learning Alliance brings together researchers, designers, educators, and funders to accelerate youth and community-powered innovations for fostering wellbeing in a digitally connected world. The initiative’s Impact Studio supports 11 early- to mid-stage innovations that model the broader community’s principles: centering youth as leaders as well as beneficiaries; investing in caring relationships and communities; and developing solutions from youth identities, interests and lived experiences. This session will begin as a “fishbowl conversation” among a selection of leaders in the Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio in dialogue with each other about their innovations. After the conversation has unpacked some of the diverse ways that these leaders translate the Connected Wellbeing principles into practice, we’ll broaden the conversation to address the ideas, challenges, and tensions that attendees bring into the discussion.

Speaker: Colin Angevine

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Oct 28 2023

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