The Connected Wellbeing Initiative

Youth powered wellbeing in a digitally connected world

Social media, online games, and digital media production offer untapped opportunities to build supportive connections that counter marginalization and discrimination. The Connected Wellbeing Initiative brings together researchers, designers, educators, and funders to accelerate youth and community-powered innovations for fostering wellbeing in a digitally connected world. We build shared approaches and purpose through an Impact Studio for innovators, and free Workshops to build capacity and community.

Impact Studio

Knowing those people who struggle with almost the same exact thing, is something that everyone needs. There’s stuff that I can’t tell my parents, that I can’t tell anybody else.

Give Us the Floor

Accelerating the impact of early to mid stage innovations that foster youth and community wellbeing through strengths-based, socially-connected, and youth-centered approaches. We offer personalized advising, capacity building opportunities, and cross-sector connections.

Inaugural Cohort


Free online monthly events led by youth and adult experts – deep dives on shared interests, approaches, and concerns


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